Established as a machine shop in year 1974, today produces machinery in its 1500 m2 closed and 2000 m2 open air factory, with a total of 3500 m2 . Containing eccentric presses and special machinery in its production programme, FRESAN exports 70% of total production to countries like, Germany, Poland, Netherlands, Portugal, Bulgaria, Hungary, Croatia, Egypt...etc.

Products with CE accreditation reach to numerious customers all around the world.

Production programme contains;

  • C frame eccentric presses 10 tons to 250 tons (100 kN - 2500 kN)
  • Special machinery
  • Hydraulic punching presses

Combining efficiency and quality in production is of crucial importance and a production goal in today’s World as energy gains more and more importance. Achieving this goal is possible if high quality and precision manufacturing machinery are used.

Thus, FRESAN eccentric presses are designed and constructed to help achieve today’s production needs.